This has been made possible by the focussed and stringent work of Sandra Kuratle who, since 1996, has been wearing the breeches in the field of men's skirts. Even if more sparkling or glaring stars in the world of fashion had already occasionally sent boys in skirts on the catwalks, she has been the only one who has passionately dedicated her efforts and the label AMOK to the men's skirt.

In no time AMOK has managed to become a synonym for men's skirts.

The AMOK collection consists of more than 60 creations from tough jeans skirts to classic elegant and business-like models, as well as trendy techno skirts. What convinces even sceptics: each model allows its wearer to move as naturally as a man is used to. Sandra Kuratle creates only skirts that fully account for a man's masculinity.

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